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Kadavu - Fiji

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Mellow Yellow or Yellow Wall is not, as you might guess, a treacherous zone but is a nice easy Kadavu dive site suitable for students, novices or as a re-acquaintance dive for those who haven't been under the waves for a while. In fact at times the current can kick up here but your guide will know the tides and will only take you diving here at times when you won't be struggling against any current, namely at high tide or at low tide.As you descend it will become clear that the site is characterised by a group of half a dozen large rock pinnacles looking like a miniature mountain range. The pinnacles are adorned with colour and yellow soft corals are the predominant sessile feature, flourishing in the nutrient rich currents. You can navigate your way in and around these rocks which start at just a few metres below the surface and run down to the sandy bottom at around 28 metres, so there is no hanging around doing your safety stop in the blue. Every minute of this dive can be a minute of entertainment. At the top of the reef are schools of scissortail black and white sergeants. They must have been hand fed before as they continuously follow you around, pleading for food. Love is often in the water around here and if you are fortunate enough, you may catch sight of male exquisite wrasses flashing their fabulous shiny colours to the groups of females, seemingly oblivious to the young buck's ardour. There are also titan triggerfish here and if they are protecting their eggs they won't take too kindly to your unwelcome invasion. Check with your guide if this is a time of year in Kadavu when this is likely, otherwise they may wish to take a nibble out of your fins or worse. Normally however, scuba diving at this site is nothing but a gentle, beautiful and rewarding experience.



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